Sunday Latey | 8

They say that weekends are for rest, but it never seems to be the case! Usually on Thursday we ask the question, “what should we do this weekend?” When it came up last week, Kris and I decided we needed a relaxing weekend, time spent at home to do nothing. Β 

I guess for us, that means do everything except rest 😬 Oops (we decided to buy a World Market dining room set, assembly not included, and an above ground pool… Assembly also not included, plus clean the garage out!)

This weeks Sunday Lately prompts from “The Blogger Tribe” are: Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, SchedulingΒ 

Yes, I’m late again! I needed to zone out Sunday evening after going tirelessly for three days, but I did write the bulk of this from bed on Sunday night, so by those stadrards it’s not actually late.Β 


Goal setting, I keep starting… Then stopping. Gonna be honest, I have lost sight of my goals entirely. The last few weeks have been brutal in terms of me being a giant failure in the world of fitness. My training schedule is non-existent. I knew summer would be difficult, but I didn’t expect all this. I’m hoping to get it all out on paper and share them here on Beach Body Bliss so I can stay accountable. There is a lot I want to accomplish over the next 3 months and I need to refocuse desperately!


The great outdoors. I ditched my hiking trips and kayaking last week because the mini me’s needed to get ready for back to school (yup there’s that ugly 3 word phrase!) so we’ve been shopping a ton. But I have some trips up my sleeve this week and I need to see it through, I think my soul needs to feel the earth, and fresh mountain air.

Exciting (subbed for Repeating)

Last week Zulily featured a Lorna Jane event, I don’t normally use Zulily so I’m not sure if it’s good/bad but when I heard from a fellow #sweatpink ambassador that it was happening, I had to check it out, I’ve only purchased one thing prior to this from LJ, but it was a little out of my “budget” for fitness wear, so I haven’t shopped their much since. I got all of the LJ items on Zulily for about 50% off, so I felt OK about πŸ˜‚

Lorna Jane Sporta Bra
Lorna Jane Workout Tank
Lorna Jane Workout Legging

The tank was only $17 bucks… How could I say no? Plus new workout clothes always get me pumped!


I finally gave in and will be trying out a physical planner. It’s pretty, and user friendly so I’m all in at the moment. My daughter also enjoys using a planner for school so I picked up a super “fancy” Kate Spade planner that I hope will keep her motivated and on track… It’s gorgeous… And is what made me want one myself but I bought myself the cheap Target one because.. Well that’s what moms tend to do πŸ˜‡ Β Lets see how this works out…

Day Designer Planner... success = purposeful planning!


You know what’s an indicator of getting “old?” Getting excited over health insurance coverage. That’s when you know! πŸ˜† But on a serious note, it was causing me some anxiety not having insurance and the kids insurance had to change also so there was a gap and the whole time I’m panicked that one of us is going to have a freak accident and actually need to use our benefits. Luckily that didn’t happen but needless to say I’m relieved and can now schedule their back to school appts, fun. I’m also going to go back and get my thyroid rechecked, as well as ask some specific questions regarding hormone changes and Hashimoto’s disease. I was happy with the progress I made from Dec-June, but honestly I feel like with the amount of work I was putting in and eating healthy, that I should have seen a dramatic change in my body, which just wasn’t there. Has anyone else experienced any type of hormone issues which prevented weight loss? Or have a thyroid disorder? Β If so maybe you can shed some light on what testing was required and if there was anything that helped balance things out.

That’s a wrap for Sunday Lately! I’m currently working on getting my goals all sorted out and will be back here soon to share my goal setting tips and a new fresh set of goals! Have a great week ahead ✌🏼


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