Tips for Setting Goals

Yesterday on Sunday Lately I mentioned needing to sit down a re-write my goals. I’ve shared them on the blog before too, a long time ago but they’ve changed a bit and I feel like I have more direction, having been on this path for almost a year… A lot can happen in 6-9 months.

Generally I follow a combination of my own training, and I also follow my favorite workouts from Tone It Up, and Kayla Itsines. But the last few weeks have been all over the place and I’m averaging 2-3 random workouts per week at best. Since June they have steadily decreased. More than that, my diet has suffered, and between the inconsistent workouts and less than stellar eating, I’ve gained almost 10 pounds since June… That easy!

So how does one bounce back after they fall? There are lots of small things that can make a huge difference, for me the following has consistently helped me to regain control when I’ve gotten off track and progressively work towards reaching my goals! Time to do what I know…

My Top Goal Setting Tips! 

  • If previous goals were already set up and I’m losing ground suddenly, I try to take a look at said goals… Do they still make sense, were they ever successful, what worked and what failed? Determine if the goals need to change. (In my case, they definitely need a touch up!)
  • Goals, in my opinion should be manageable, measurable, and meaningful:
    • Manageable- is it realistic, can you sustain it for 3+ months?
    • Measurable- is there a way to track progress?
    • Meaningful- what is behind the goal, when we give a goal real meaning it will be that much easier to attain.
  • Re-examine the “why?” (as in why am I setting these goals) Maybe someone initially wanted to lose 10 pounds and then did, what’s going to keep the person motivated beyond that, and why? (For me, this is still the same, especially with winter quickly approaching, snowboarding season is going to be here in no time) I’ve been looking at snowboarding photos the last couple of day, I want to have an amazing ’16-17 season… If I want that I need to put in the work!
  • Write it down! (That’s why I bought a planner) Training and meals will be that much more successful if they are scheduled just like we do for a teeth cleaning, or an appt with a client.
Day Designer planning
Success = purposeful planning!
  • Preparation is key, what is needed to make reaching goals easier? Are your shoes in good condition, are meals/snacks prepped, need suppliments? Take the time each week to give your personal best (this has been my biggest downfall the last couple weeks! Can’t forgo that me time for meal prepping and workout planning!)
Unico Nutrition Supplements keep me going- BCAA’s and Pre-workout, plus Vegan RAW Protein!, using code BEACH1 will get you free shipping on their site 🙂
  • Ditch the negative self talk. Imperfection is ok. (It’s always so easy to feel guilty about losing traction or getting off track, but staying positive and being good to yourself will make getting back on track that much easier)

You've got this!
Once all the little duckies are in a row, nothing is going to stop you right? Right! (That’s my positive self talk, go meee!)

So what are MY goals? I have a few!

1. Instead of focusing on the scale, my current focus is on body fat %- I want to decrease BF % and increase lead body mass.

2. Increase flexibility and muscle.

  • For the next two weeks I’ll do 2 mile sprints every M-W-F and 3+ miles on Sunday’s, 30 min steady state runs on Tue/Thurs
  • In Sept I am doing a 5k+ a day challenge (should be doable, I sort of did it once before but didn’t include Fridays and Saturdays)
  • Weight training 3 days a week (alternating body parts)
  • 1 HIIT routine per week
  • 1 Yoga routine per week
  • Stretches/foam roller EVERY DAY
  • 1 full rest day (listen to my body, if I need an extra day… It’s not the end of the world!)

3. Increase Water intake- 75 oz per day (I’ll need to religiously use my Fitbit to track my water, I had been doing this regularly but haven’t done it over the last month or so)

4. Reduce eating out to 1-2 times per week (on weekend it’s just going to happen!) I also need to ensure I get more quality food in me throughout the day, I do no eat enough and it’s sabotaging my fitness game.

5. Reduce drinking to 1 night a week (September is a 30 day no drinking challenge again!)

Allison Inn & Spa
No more drinkie for me… awww. haha

6. Weekly weight in and body measurements, and body fat measurements done this week and again in the middle of Nov (at the 3 month mark.)

Those will keep me nice and busy for the next few months! 💪🏼  It feels great getting it out on paper so it’s not just floating around in the back of my head like a plastic bag drifting through the wind…

Now to execute! Let’s go!

Oh almost forgot, I’m doing a Snapchat Takeover for Ūnico Nutrition on Wednesday (tomorrow) so if you want to see what a typical fit day looks like for me I’ll be sharing some healthy meals, supplement routines/recipes, workouts… will probably feature Roxie (my cat) who knows what you’ll get! Follow “uniconutrition” if you wanna join me there, you can also find me on Snap as teepadron (warning to random people who add me, if I add you back and you never post ANYTHING but you watch my snaps, I’ll probably delete you 😆)

Have a great week, don’t forget to #sweatpink ✌🏼️


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