Fitness Friday | Top 10 Mini Band Exercises

I love the gym, and lifting heavy things… but sometimes mini bands save the day! For instance, when you’re on vacation or going to be out of town and need a simple way to get in a work out without needing a lot of equipment. Not too long ago I was packing for a weekend trip and decided that I’d bring my mini bands along (they pack so well, since they fold into practically nothing… and are pretty much weightless!) I was able to do all of my favorite mini band moves and finish a brief workout in the time it took Kris to shower and get ready, freeing up the bathroom for my use. Total win!

Resistance bands come in different resistances, and usually range from “light to heavy” but different brands probably have different variations. I use the bands from Tone It Up and they have held up great since December 2015 and I use them a lot.


Today I’m sharing some of my favorite moves to get a full body workout!

Top 10 Mini Band Exercises!

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Exercise Descriptions

  • Lateral Walk- Start out like you will be doing a squat, place the mini band above your ankles, legs hip distance apart. Sit into the squat slightly so there is a bend in your leg. Take two steps to the left, and two steps to the right, then repeat for 1 minute. (link for video of this exercise)
  • Squat w/Lateral Leg raise- Begin by doing a basic squat with the mini band above your ankle, as you come up out of the squat raise your right leg out to the side, then perform another squat and raise your left leg, continue alternating sides for 1 minute
  • Standing Hamstring Curl- Begin by standing with feet shoulder width apart and the mini band above your ankles, start by bend at one knee, raising your right ankle behind you toward your glutes. Return to start and repeat on the other leg. Continue alternating sides for 1 minute
  • High Knee with Leg Raise- Begin by standing with feet should width apart and the mini band looped around your toes. Lift one leg up toward your chest, return to start and repeat on the other leg, continue alternating for 1 minute (link for video of this exercise)
  • Double Hammer Curl- Begin with the mini band around both wrists (like hand cuffs!), keeping your elbows at your sides ensure that your wrists widen slightly to create a bit of tension, then bend at your elbows raising your hands toward your shoulders, then back to start. Repeat for 1 minute.
  • Double Straight Arm Raises-  Begin with arms down and in front of you, with the mini band around your wrist. Raise your arms straight out in front of you until parallel with the floor (at shoulder height)
  • Tricep Press- begin by placing the mini band around your LEFT hand, bring your left hand up to your RIGHT shoulder, with your right hand grab the loose end of the band (your elbow should be stabilized at your side), press the band down until your arm is straight. Return to start and repeat for 30 sec, change sides and repeat for 30 more seconds. (link for video of this exercise)
  • Plank with Lateral Plank Walk- Begin in a push-up position with mini band wrapped around wrists, take a “step” to the left or right and simultaneously move wrist with your foot, take another step, then go back two steps in the other direction. Repeat for 1 minute. (link for video of this exercise)
  • Clam- begin by laying on your side, with mini band around your thighs (just above your knee), your legs should be bent, with ankles together. Open up your knees keeping your ankles together, repeat for 30 seconds then switch sides for 30 more seconds. link for video of this exercise
  • Laying Double Leg Raises- Begin by laying on your back with mini band placed around your ankles, bring your ankles out to about hip distance to create some tension in the band, place your hands above your glutes behind your back for stabilization, and raise your legs up and then bring them back down. Repeat for 1 minute

Hope you find the descriptions easy enough (There are some exercises that didn’t have decent enough videos) I will be working on my own here but I’m still very camera shy… trying to get over this!

Enjoy! I really love the ease of use and knowing that I still got some resistance work in.

Happy Friyay!

Cheers to a great weekend! ✌🏼





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