Thirsty Thursday

I’m not sure how it happened, but many years ago I somehow started celebrating Thursdays as “Thirsty Thursday” (probably in part because for a long time I had Fridays off so it was the start of my weekend) and I’d throw back a stiff drink as soon as possible after work because, well… Why not, it was my Friday after all!Β Well, over the last year I’ve learned to celebrate Thirsty Thursday in a whole new way… by staying hydrated with good old H2O! Of course I do this every day and not just Thursday, but it’s a fun reminder to drink up and challenge myself to be more mindful of drinking water!
How do you like to stay hydrated? For me, I like to get creative…

Tips on StayingHydrated!

My favorite hydration tips!

  • Take water everywhere, literally. I even carry an extra bottle in my purse! (and also sneak it into movies at the theatre, shhhhh)
  • Fill a large QT sized water jug or Gallon sized jug, and finish it off each day (Experts say you should drink half your weight in ounces each day)
  • I fancy up my water with fruit (and/or cucumber w/mint), and even add a splash of La Croix for some fizz. Tip: muddle the fruit for extra flavor and/or let your fruit infuse overnight!
  • Set reoccurring reminders on your phone to take water breaks throughout the day… You can also use that time to walk around, possibly to the watering hole to fill up your bottle! (This also helps get your body moving more, gotta get those steps in!)
  • Challenge your bestie or other friends on Insta to do a “#stopdropandchug” selfie, yes that’s a thing πŸ˜‚
  • Use one of these adorable little gadgets,Β Ulla Hydration Reminder, I have one and it comes in handy, but I think it would be even more beneficial for people who sit at a desk for long periods and will see the Ulla working its magic.

Ulla Hydration Reminder

My last tip is to squeeze in some BCAA’s if you’re working out a lot. I’m not a huge supplement person but I do think there are at lease a few helpful supplements, and BCAA’s are one of them. What is “BCAA?” It stands for branched chain amino acids (3 essential amino acids that your body needs but doesn’t produce on its own: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine) and to make a long story short, they help with muscle growth, muscle fatigue, fat loss, and hydration… yes even for people who aren’t competitive athletes (read more in depth about them HERE)

I’ve tried a few… some taste better than others, and some have differing formulas. Hands down, my favorite is Εͺnico Nutrition’s “Yumino” formula (and yes I’m an ambassador for Unico, but only because I think their products and business are amazing!). It’s pro-grade and made with organic coconut water, and pink Himalayan salt… The blackberry lemonade flavor is so delicious!! I drink it during and after my workouts and on hikes to help with endurance, recovery and hydration. (Read more about YuminoΒ HERE)

Yumino by Unico Nutrition
My hikes are always fueled by Yumino! (If you use code: BEACH1 onΒ UnicoNutrition.comΒ you’ll get free FedEx shipping)

I’ve always been on the struggle bus when it comes to drinking enough water, but I’ve definitely learned how to deal with my forgetfulness, and I’m pretty much on top of it now. Hopefully these tips will help to get your daily dose of H20!

On that note, I’m gonna go drink some water! Cheers πŸŽ‰



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