Sunday Lately #9

It’s Sunday, the so-called day of rest- which for me translates into, “do everything possible.” But I love it, Sunday is so much more than a day to get some R & R, it’s so much more about taking the time to prepare for a great week, to give myself the love and kindness I deserve, ensuring that I’m ready for whatever shenanigans Monday tries to pull!

Sunday Lately on beach body bliss has always been guided by the Blogger Tribe (these fab ladies: NicoleMeghanAngelicaKaty) but today I’m going to do something a bit different. Although I think Sunday Lately is fabulous in it’s original form, I never felt like it blended well with my everyday posts, so I’m trying to make it fit a little bit better… lets see how this goes!


The Sunday Lately prompts for the week were- Completing, Visiting, Repeating, Writing, and Scheduling but for fitness’ sake, this week they are- Enjoying, Focusing, Recapping, Exciting, and Prepping. Whew! That was hard to come up with, glad that’s over 😜


The obvious one here is fall, but if you have read any of my last several posts you already know that! The other thing I’m really, reeeeeally enjoying is getting in more running miles (still not as many as I had been doing before summer, but I’m getting there). I’m strongly considering a competitive run in 2017 so it’s been fun to research that… having said that, the more I think about it, the more “meh” I feel about it. We’ll see!

Now that I mentioned fall…

When you find the perfect cozy fall flannel… Yes! Oh and I have to exchange it tomorrow because the size medium is too big 😊


I have been trying to change up some approaches to my fitness game in order to really get some momentum going towards reaching my goals and I’ve found what I think is a nice balance (for the time being, before I hit a plateau anyway). But  for now the focus is strongly on strength training and supplementing with protein, a LOT. My body loves protein. And as mentioned, September is my “dry” month, but ultimately my goal is to keep that going as much as possible moving forward. My progress is insane when I’m not drinking!

Bought this sweater in Aug and its now way too big on me… boo hoo! I’m just glad it’s not too small (story of my life over the last 3 years) It’s still super comfy and I’ll enjoy wearing it around the house when I’m cold ❄️


This last week has gone amazingly well with my training!

  • Last Sunday- Started off a bit rough due to some pretty bad “DOMs”, but I try to listen to my body… and it was telling me that I was only going to run 1.5 miles and walk a little, followed by a LOT of stretching and foam rolling (apparently the massage I got the day before wasn’t enough!)
  • Monday- 1 mile sprint, 1 mile run- and 45 minutes of Arm and Ab strength training
  • Tuesday- 1.5 mile run, and 40 minutes of glute training (my sons 18th birthday was that day so I managed what I could!)
  • Wednesday- 1.5 mile run plus more Ab circuits
  • Thursday- rest day ( struggled with letting myself take a day off, but I made it!)
  • Friday- Total Body and Booty/Leg circuits and no cardio
  • Saturday- 2.4 mile run, and I ran the first mile the fastest I have in about 5 years! Then I did a lot of stretching and foam rolling because Fridays leg day was brutal and I can hardly walk straight.
  • Total weekly miles= about 9 miles (I was averaging about 15-20 a week before) and I think I’d like to be at about 12-15 miles per week, unless I decide to do some races next year and start training for that.
Finished my Friday workout with some hydration… so many deadlifts that day… so much pain the days following!


Progress, progress, progress! I’m still only down about 6-7 pounds (since the beginning of the month) but even though I weight slightly more than I did the end of May, my measurements are exactly the same as they were in May. Screw the scale! Also I just found out we are headed to New York City for Halloween! It will be my first time in NY and I’m freaking… so much that I didn’t get Monday’s post out because as soon as Kris texted me about going I dropped everything and started planning for the trip 😂  I’m just glad it wasn’t so spontaneous that I didn’t have time to plan anything. Any New Yorkers out there have any advice on great food or must see things? Costume suggestions?


Sunday’s, as I’ve mentioned are always used for prepping for the week- groceries, meals: I’m doing a pumpkin protein donut hole recipe from Tone It Up! (I’ll likely make adjustments to this recipe and possibly share it if I do) And I’ll be sharing another pumpkin inspired recipe this week for dinner, I’m obvs excited about both of those), crisp clean workout gear, and scheduling my workouts. The usual!

The only photos I took of my health-ified Banana Bread came from snapchat (follow me at teepadron!) I made this on Friday night because I was bored 😬  I think it needed less honey and next time I’ll probably use maple syrup, but otherwise it was delicious!
My new TIU work out tank top is amazing (even if I’m not drinking right now) 😜

That’s it for this rendition of Sunday Lately! I’m ready for another great week and looking forward to the last few days of September, I’m hoping to see a little more progress before the month ends. Have a fantastic Monday everyone!


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