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So long September, you were fun! Hello October, you’re gonna be amazing!Β It really is hard to believe that it’s already October 2nd and here in Oregon it’s definitely looking like fall. The weather went from 100 to 0 real quick, suddenly it’s cold and rainy again… now I remember why I love summer so much. That was fast 😁

This weeks Sunday Lately prompts from the Blogger Tribe were:Β Doing, Appreciating, Designing, Humming, and Expecting.Β But I’ve changed a few of them to reflect more fitness related ideas, so they are now:Β Enjoying, Focusing, Appreciating, Prepping, and Recapping.Β 

Sunday Lately, from the Blogger Tribe


As some of you may remember, I challenged myself to go 30 days without drinking for the month of September… and I succeeded! I’m basically re-doing that in October as well, except we’ll be headed to NYC on the 27th so I feel like that is good enough reason to have some cocktails! Anyhow, we went to a wedding on Friday night and I had several drinks which at the moment was awesome…
My wedding date!

Saturday morning? I regret those drinks and now I’m left wondering why I drank, my body just really doesn’t do well with it. It was fun tho! We hadn’t seen any of our friends all month because we were just keeping things low key while we focused on our goals. The food was great… we danced our little hearts out. It was nice to let loose for once, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy (or something like that haha)


On October 1st the Tone It Up Challenge officially started, you’ve seen me write about TIU a ton (and no, I’m not sponsored by them, despite my wishful thinking!) I’ll be following the nutrition plan, but loosely, because I have my go-to meals and ideas. That’s one thing I love about their plans- it’s so versatile. I’ll definitely be following the workouts even though some days I change things up a bit. I tend to change the days a little bit because I have specific days I like to take off and weekends are never rest days for me. Learn more about the challenge and to sign upΒ HERE, signing up and participating is free! (People who are paid members get some added benefits, like a nutrition plan update with more recipes and a day by day food guide, but challenge workouts are always free! And when non-members sign up they get a starter pack that has a couple great recipes)

Tone It Up Challenge


I’m feeling so appreciative of my body and the things it’s capable of. I had a small incident happen on my latest hiking adventure, which I’ll be sharing later this week. But it not so gently reminded me that I’m way stronger than I believe, and way more physically capable than I recognize.

Just Start


This weekend is full of meal prepping, the last two weeks we have been doing our grocery haul on Saturday instead of Sunday which has been working out because it gives me the opportunity to meal prep more on Sundays. I’m really excited to make the TIU pumpkin muffins and I’m making more waffles/pancakes. Tip: make a large batch and freeze them for quick breakfast!


September was an intense month, my level of focus was on point from beginning to end. For those who follow me on Insta (@teepadron) you probably saw that I lost 6.6 pounds, lost 2% body fat, and about 8 inches across my entire body! (That puts me back at to where I was pre-summer) My plan is to keep going with the same focus I had last month, and continue to do that every month until I reach the goals I set out to attain this time last year. I’m really proud of not just my accomplishments this month, but my bf Kris as well, he’s been doing this by my side and always gently pushing me when I need it, his support is immensely appreciated πŸ’—

  • Last Sunday- 1.4 mile run (I keep feeling really burned out on Sundays for some reason, it’s really annoying because Sundays are usually my longer run days)
  • Monday- Total Body training + 2 mile run
  • Tuesday- 1.2 Mile sprint + Leg/Booty training
  • Wednesday- 6.4 mile hike (3.2 of which I ended up running)
  • Thursday- Rest Day
  • Friday- Arms/Upper Body training + 1.2 Mile sprint
  • Saturday- Despite said hangover I got a late workout in, 1.48 mile run, the daily TIU moves for the challenge + shoulder training. I hadn’t been to the gym on a Saturday night in ages… it was pretty empty and that was awesome!!
  • Total miles: 9.28 (which is slightly higher than last week!)

saturday night gym


I’m excited for all the things October will bring! Hope everyone has a rockin’ week/month ahead, tell me in the comments one thing you’re super excited about recently?

-Tee πŸ‚

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