Fitness Friday!

Wow, it’s November 11th and I haven’t posted here on the blog in over a month. Ever just feel like you need a break? Honestly I think it happened on accident, one day after another passed by and the next thing I knew a whole month had gone by! It is incredible to me that the not only is it half way through November, but that it also means the year is coming to a close! I mean, what? Crazy talk.

Thought I would drop in today and do a quick little “Fitness Friday” post to get me into the swing of things her on the blog again!

This routine consists of my favorite, yet simple exercises that get my body moving, and blood pumping… it also targets many major muscle groups- glutes, quads, abs, and upper body so it’s working a little bit of everything!

Fitness Friday!


It’s fairly equipment free, aside from the Arnold press.. but you can get creative if you don’t have weights! Cans, water bottles, and wine bottles will work too 😜  #noexcuses

Exercise breakdown

  1. Squat Jacks- begin a squat position, with arms straight by your knees, jump up raising your arms above head (just like you would a normal jumping jack), and kicks your legs out (just like you would a normal jumping jack). Land back in a squat position and repeat.
  2. Tricep dips- Using a bench, sturdy chair, couch, ottoman etc, place hands behind you, shoulder width apart with hands facing forward. Slide your butt/back off of the bench/chair with your legs extended out in front of you or bent at about 45 degrees. Slowly bend your elbows so that you lower your body down, your triceps should be parallel to the floor. using your triceps, bring your body back up until your arms are mostly straight. Repeat
  3. Jump Tucks- Begin in a standing position, start the movement by performing an upward jumping motion, bring your knees as high up to your chest as possible and then land as soft as possible. Repeat
  4. Arnold Press- Begin standing or sitting (if you are using very heavy weights, you will want to sit on a stable bench that has back support), with arms bent in front of you and palms facing you raise the weights up while rotating your arms until your palms are facing away from you and above your head. bring the weight back in front of you, and repeat.
  5. Plank Jacks- begin in a plank position, kick your legs out to the side (like you would a jumping jack) and bring the back in to a normal plank, repeat. Remember to keep  your abs engaged, and back flat… no booty in the air!
  6. Bicycle crunches- Begin laying on your back, bring one leg towards your chest and simultaneously crunch forward bring the opposite elbow toward your bent knee (keeping your other leg straight and slightly off the ground) Switch sides quickly, and continue repeating for 1 minute.
  7. Side lung with a Twist- begin by performing a side lunge, as you come back to a standing position bring the lunging leg up toward your chest, while twisting your bent elbows in toward your knee. Keeps abs engaged. Repeat lunge and twist, switch sides half way through or do 1 minute on each side.

If these directions are not clear, you can google them they will come up with videos that can show you exactly how to do them (until I can upload my own short clips of the exercises) which i’m hoping I can start doing soon, I’ll be getting a video capable DSLR soon!

That’s all for now, I know this has been a trying week with the election having just taken place… I won’t even go there, but I’ll be back soon with a fun review/giveaway for “Drink Click” which is a delicious coffee protein! Who doesn’t love coffee protein shakes? Check back soon!

Also…. Happy Veterans Day, I’m eternally grateful to our veterans for their commitment to our freedom. Thank you! 🇺🇸


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