Sunday Lately-Fitness Edition|11

I haven’t done a “Sunday Lately” fitness update since October 2nd. I sort of owe it to myself to do this. Even if it is a day late.

Yesterday is the rebirth of my goals (not that I’ve totally abandoned them, but I definitely haven’t been focused enough) It happens.

Sunday Lately is brought to you by the Blogger Tribe- a group of fantastic ladies who have put together word prompts to get us all thinking and writing… and then we get to “e-hang out” each week. The words for this week: Updating, Remembering, Needing, Wearing, Being. However, I’m changing mine because. Yolo.

So, instead I’m doing: Remembering, Appreciating, Focusing, Prepping, Recapping.



It’s ok to not be perfect. I was feeling down this weekend because I’ve been so unfocused recently. But then I remembered that this time last year I was at least 10 pounds heavier… and I’m still 20 pounds lighter than when I started just over a year ago. When put that way, I feel like I’m doing great! So not all is lost just because I had some fun in New York, and for Kris’s birthday… and this weekend 😁


The journey- that’s what this is, a life long endeavor to creating the best version of me. I’m also appreciating my the free time that I’m blessed to have, and all the little things that make up my life. It’s almost Thanksgiving and really, I have so much to be thankful for. My good health is up there near the top, I’ve got two arms, two legs and they all work so I should make full use of them!


This weeks fitness/health focus will be on a couple things:

  1. 5k Sunday ✔️, Tuesday, Thursday (And actually my mile aim on Thursday is between 4-6 miles- turkey trot, heeeey! 🦃 ) 1-2 miles on off days and only Friday off from running.
  2. No skipping the weights/HIIT
  3. Water, water, water… oh did I mention water? But really, I’ve been slacking sooooo bad. No bueno.
  4. Lean, clean and green as we Tone It Up girls know it (protein and veggies galore) Also, I need to eat more. I know that sounds funny, but I forget to eat, even tho I’m hungry and I know it’s detrimental to my metabolism so it needs to stop.
  5. 1-2 rest days tops. #noexcuses


I’ll be back here super soon- Tuesday, to share my favorite Thanksgiving dish (healthified) and some helpful-fitness minded tips to keep me (and you) on the right track come Thanksgiving… and for all the upcoming holiday parties, Christmas and New Years celebrations. So many opportunities to live a little, or a LOT. I’m all for balance so I’ll be sharing my favorite options.


My training has been way off. I think I ran maybe 5 miles all week. Ooops. And I took 3 rest days throughout the week (in part due to “doms” but whatever)… and I haven’t done a single hike, it’s been way too rainy.  Like I said, I’m due for a re-focus of goals. I’ve kept on top of my nutrition for the most part, and I’ve maintained within a 2 pound difference between this time last month (just prior to our NYC trip) and now so I feel like over-all things are ok despite how bummed out I am that I haven’t been as intense as I usually am.

Se La Vie

I feel good about yesterday. Got in my Sunday Runday and a little ab work and stuck to LCG meals (lean, clean, and green haha) all day….

Lean, Clean and Green!
My favorite healthy meal- Protein, veggies and quinoa!
Here are some other photos that sum up my weekend…

Supps cabinet
When you clean up your supps and healthy snack cupboard, and it looks glorious 😂

Snow at Timberline
We found snow.. not nearly enough but it was a fun day!

Spanish Coffee at Timberline
Mmmmmm Spanish coffee by a snowy window 👌🏼
It’s Monday morning now and I was up at 5:15am for the first part of workouts so one could say that the week is starting out on the right foot!






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