Friday Five! 

Guess what? If you’re reading this it means you made it to FriYay, woooooo! 🎉 Today I’m doing something slightly different. Friday Five includes the 5 moves from Hedstrom Fitness* along with Fit Approach, and also 4 other awesome possum things that I’ve loved this week!

Friday Five Workout 💪🏼

Do each move 12-15 times, and repeat the circuit 2-4 times for a great sweat sesh!


  1. Standing Oblique- In a standing position, hold the Surge (or other weight) in front of you. Twist using your abdomen from side to side. Ensure that you core is engaged!
  2. Sumo Squat with Overhead Press- Stand with feet wider than hip distance apart, with feet slightly turned out. Squat down and as you come up lift the Surge up over your head. Repeat
  3. Basic sit-up… Laying down, hold the Surge in front of you. Use your abdominals to sit up. Repeat
  4. Lunge w/ Overhead Press- Start in a standing position and perform a Lunge (forward or backward) Remember to keep your lunging knee over your ankle. Simultaneously press the Surge overhead. Repeat on other side
  5. Skaters- Begin in a standing position and holding the Surge. Hop to the left bringing your right leg behind you. And then hop to the right bringing your left leg behind you. Repeat!

Such fun workouts with the Surge (you can read more about what the Surge is HERE . We’ve come to an end to the Friday Five challenge with Hedstrom Fitness* and I’m so happy to have participated, having been lucky enough to get hands on experience with the Surge and really stepping out of my comfort zone for #IAmEmpowered, and for real… I feel empowered. I feel strong, and definitely building my best body! I left January behind being 5 pounds lighter, and lifting heavier. Win! Hedstrom Fitness is currently doing a great discount on the Surge and Kamagon ball, if you use code SPHF25 at checkout you will get 25% off the purchase now through 2/28/17!

(*This post contains affiliate links, this does not affect your experience but will help give me credit for directing readers to the original content and is always appreciated.)

What else is good lately? Well I restarted my Wantable subscription! I let it go for a few months as I tried out Stich Fix, but that sadly didn’t work out so I’m back with the Fitness edition of Wantable!

I really loved the picks for this month, plus they waived the monthly fee to get me back. Ugh I’m such a sucker 😂 Anyhow, these were my 3 favorite pieces:

Wantable Fitness Edit

Firstly, Kale… and that’s really all I need to say about it. I’ve been complimented on it several times in just one wear 😂

Secondly, these pants. The pattern and colors are perfect. But it also has mesh detail on the leg. And better yet, they are comfy!

Thirdly this sports bra is everything. Colorful, and comfy… down side is that there is veeeeery minimal support. Lucky for me, I don’t really have boobs to support so it works out. (I wouldn’t really say “lucky” but hey…)

My new favorite indulgence?

Suja Organic
Suja Juice!! Ermahgerd… give me all the flavors.  I think I’m developing a drinking problem. But it’s a good problem to have so I’m ok with it. What’s your favorite flavor?

That’s it for Friday Five! I’m making big plans to do a whole lot of nothing this weekend. Just being healthy and doing fun stuff like cleaning out the garage. Yay. Hope all you sweaties have a great weekend!

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