Perfect Never

It has been about a year and half since I became really serious about fitness and living an overall healthy lifestyle. In that year I’ve experienced so much change and personal growth, physically, mentally and emotionally. The biggest change has been something no one can see. It’s my mindset. It’s knowing that no matter what size pants I wear or if I have stretch marks, that I’m still me and worthy.

An interesting thing happened on Super Bowl Sunday as Lady Gaga took to the stage to perform. I’m not sure if it was amazing or not as I really wasn’t paying that much attention. But the important part of the whole half time show, is what happened after the performance. Apparently people began body shaming her due to some skin or “rolls” as they were called, weren’t perfectly in place during her performance. Good job society πŸ€”

Such a beautiful and powerful response!


Perfect Never

Reebok Women’sΒ #PerfectNever campaign just so happens to have begun around the same time as the shaming has occurred, perfect timing? I think yes!

For Women across the globe, the journey to self improvement is an ongoing story, written in sweat with each chapter built by struggle, perseverance, and effort.

That is Perfect Never. Being a work in progress, but always being “enough.” I’ve never been so personally gratified with my life’s journey then I have been over the last year and a half. And now, #PerfectNever is my favorite motto to live by. (And my favorite hashtag on Insta, right next to #IAmEmpowered of course) I am a totally flawed, work in progress and that’s ok.

I am Perfect Never
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Outfit of the Day! These pants make me feel like I can take on the world πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Be A Story Worth Telling

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner amidst all the Gaga body shaming, it lead me to the question, “how do you love your body/self?” In today’s fitness world it is so easy to get caught up in the number on scale and all the images of super fit people on social media.

Here are my favorite ways to love my body:

  1. Always work towards improvement… Not because I hate what I see in the mirror, but because I’m worth being the healthiest version of me
  2. Breath. Just be. I constantly have to remind myself that I can’t control everything, but I can control how I feel and react
  3. Resting isn’t just ok, it’s necessary. My favorite ways to rest include: meditating, having a hot cup of tea while reading a good book, doing a stretching routine, yoga, or taking a walk with my favorite music playing
  4. Even though life can be super busy sometimes, set aside time to do things you love. For me thats drawing/painting, photography, hiking, snowboarding, reading etc.
  5. Put things into and onto my body that are as healthy as possible… with the occasional night of wine-ing and dining on treat foods. Yes I call “cheat foods” treat foods… no need for negative connotations here!
  6. Wear clothes that make me feel like a bad ass πŸ’ͺ🏼

Those are just my top six, but there are so many ways to show yourself love and care. What do you do to take care of yourself? What does being “Perfect Never” mean to you? Drop a comment ☺️

Till next time sweaties, have a fantastic weekend!

Tee ✌🏼



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