Running Recap Fun!

Ever have one of those days where you procrastinate aaaaaaall day? Yes, well I’ve been having plenty of those. But some time around 7pm last night I decided I was done procrastinating. It was finally time to get in that 5 mile run towards half marathon training.

I’ve not been feeling well since last weekend, and have been taking it easy in comparison to my normal routine of strength training 6 days a week AND running almost daily. But I knew I needed to get up and get the run done, so I did.

Not going to lie. It was hard, and I even had a scoop of UnicoNutrition Athena Pre-workout which usually can kick things into high gear whether I want it to or not. But I still struggled. That’s life.

After every training run I’ve been journaling how it went, how my body felt, etc. I soon realized that when I’m not feeling my run, the recap of it is quite entertaining…

Pre-run feels:

You got this girl, just get on that treadmill!! Yaaaaah!

Mile 1: Shit. This isn’t fun. And I actually think running is fun, until now.

Mile 2: Why does it feel like time has stopped and I’m literally getting nowhere? (I mean I really wasn’t getting anywhere, being on a treadmill and all 😂)

Mile 3: Whhhhyyyy am I doing this? That bottle of Pino Gris is all alone in the fridge… poor thing.

Mile 4: You’re doing it! You’re really doing it! Yeah

The cool down: Oh yeah, you killed that girl!

So ya… I’ve had better runs. But you know what? Even if it was late, and even if I felt like I was dying. I didn’t and now I can look back and laugh at every mile that went by. This coming Sunday I increase my long run to 7 miles from 6 miles the last two weeks. I’m both excited and nervous!

How’s your weekly training going? What are you training for?

Have a great Thursday, just one more day until the freakin’ weekend! 🎉

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