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On my quest to be healthy, I recently took up finding beauty and skincare products that were less toxic and harmful. I truly do feel that health is an “inside out” job. Although it may start with healthy eating and continue on with regular body conditioning, that it ends with what we do on the outside. As a huge Sephora fan it isn’t always easy to sift through all the brands and pick them apart but I slowly began the process about a year ago.

I quickly realized that most products are full of harmful chemicals, toxins, test on animals and are overall a hazard to my health. We take the time to spend extra money on unprocessed/organic foods, cage free eggs/chicken and grass fed beef. Why on Earth would I slather expensive yet harmful skincare and makeup allover myself? Didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

So I was beside myself when I came across Beautycounter who touts the impressive “Never List.” A list of over 1,500 chemicals/toxins that are never used in any product made by the company. They have pioneered the way to creating a luxe, high performing product all while being safer then the majority of brands out there. Rigorous testing ensures that each product is as safe as possible.

Read more about “The Never List”

I’ll admit I was a bit leery and skeptical just because it’s hard to believe that these products could be both high performing and more safe. The thought of giving up some of my higher end brands was killing me… but then I went ahead and tried it. Mind blown!

My first two products used:


Lengthening Mascara

Lengthening Mascara No clumps, it stays put without flaking. It also lengthens like WHOA yet still leaves my lashes flexible and “natural” feeling. Nothing worse than that spidery stiffness that some mascaras have…

Charcoal Cleansing Bar

Charcoal Cleansing Bar My face has never felt cleaner since I began using this, it’s like working with a clean slate every morning and I’m not sure how I survived all my life without it!

I’ve gone so far as to say the mascara exceeds Too Faced “Better Than Sex” mascara which I have loved and loyally used since it debuted. But I recently read an article about the two most toxic makeup products being mascara and lipstick, for obvious reasons. Both have direct access to your body and one gets consumed accidentally due to it being on your mouth. (Deodorant is another products that is especially harmful, this is the natural one I’ve had the most luck with: Primal Paste*)

Some of my other Beautycounter faves… and there are many, but the ones I don’t want to live without include:


Charcoal Purifying mask  This is the queen of all products! Charcoal is well known for its purifying nature and draws out dirt, grime and other gunk hidden in pores.

Soothing Face Oil

Face Oils So luxurious and makes my skin feel amazing. I have red and angry skin sometimes and it calms the redness and makes things nice a smooth. I mix 1-2 drops in my moisturizer every morning and just used the oil only at night. (They have just released 3 new face oils on 3/7/17)


Dew Skin Moisturizing Tint

Dew Skin Moisturizing Tint This gives very light coverage but also has SPF 30 in it. Perfect for when I don’t want to workout without makeup on but also don’t want a caked on look.

All Over Sun Protection SPF 30  Sunblock is notorious for being filled with chemicals, I feel safe using this great classic SPF 30!

So there it is, my Beautycounter must haves! Even if you never use Beautycounter I hope that you’ll consider slowly switching out toxic and harmful products for safer options. They are out there and you are definitely worth choosing better! ✌🏼

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  • I am starting to switch over products to those with fewer toxins. This brand is new to me. I am especially intrigued by the sunscreen, as most sunscreens make me break out.

    • That’s great! For me it started out with deodorant but unfortunately not a lot of the chemical free ones have worked for me. But once I started learning more about it I realized just how awful skincare products and makeup can be! Beautycounter has several sunscreen options, including the tinted moisturizer that I linked, you should definitely check it 😊 Thanks for stoping by!