Finding Balance

Big changes are coming this way! Full of more balance and less beach body. Last summer I wrote about my thoughts on “Beach Body Bliss,” and how the title wasn’t really reflective of where things were at and where things were headed. And more than ever I feel like that is true. You can read about that post HERE.

It’s taken a lot of time to work towards truly discovering what that means. But I’m at a place now where I’ve found a solution. In the next few day and weeks you can look forward to a brand new feel. The new feel will include a name change, Beach Body Bliss will become “The Beauty in Balance.” The site will have some added features, and colors will be spruced up. Content will be all-encompassing, to reflect what it means to me to live a healthy life with “balance” at the forefront.

What will be the main focus: 

  • Fitness
  • Health/Wellness
  • Self Care
  • Safe/Non-Toxic Products
  • Continuation of my journey, as always

All things I’m currently working on adding into the current Beach Body Bliss. It’s turning into a definite project, one I wasn’t fully prepared for but it’s still happening no matter how slow! Just like my runs 😂 (My fastest mile during my last 7.1 mile long run on Sunday was 11’02” which is way too slow)

Half Marathon Training

My hope is that all the change won’t be a mistake, I felt like leaving WordPress a year ago was a bit of one, but in hindsight I feel like it was the smart thing to do when I did it. So my fingers are crossed that this turns out the same.

For all of you amazing bloggers out there, who has successfully pulled this off? Any last minute pieces of advice while I’m working out the details? It’s much appreciated!

Cheers to finding balance in a world that’s filled with chaos ✌🏼

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