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I’m a huge fan of staying hydrated. Although, not perfect I do try to make hydration a priority. I’ve shared my many tips for ensuring that I get “half my bodyweight in water” per day several times. Still, some days are definitely a struggle.

So when I was able to team up with Essence pH10 and try out their alkaline water, I was really stoked! I’ve heard some wonderful things about alkaline water. But hadn’t yet jumped on it yet so I crossed Essence pH20’s path at the perfect time.

By some chance you may not have heard about “alkaline water” and may be wondering what it is. Here’s the scoop on Essence pH10’s Alkaline Water:

Essence pH10

  • Essence uses “MIST” technology, Minerals In Solution Technology. In short, this technology creates a superior blend of minerals in your water. Read more HERE 
  • MIST makes use of several minerals- calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc.
  • Benefits of alkaline water include:
    • Restoring your body’s pH to its natural state
    • Antioxidants via organic Hibiscus
    • Due to it’s special qualities it helps detoxify acidic toxins

There is a lot of information out there about the negative affects of having your pH out of balance, this is one reason alkaline water has always intrigued me. Drinking alkaline water is such an easy way to help keep balance.

My Thoughts on Essence pH10

I really enjoyed this water! You can’t taste the minerals or hibiscus at all, which I did worry about before trying it. I’m a super active person so water intake is a big deal for me. While using Essence water I was running about every other day (half marathon training) and doing strength training 6 days a week. Typically I get 10-20k steps in per day. Needless to say, due to all my activities I need to be hydrated to perform well, and Essence really did the trick. I never felt thirsty (drinking the 1 LT bottle they have and intaking other water through tea, juices etc). One thing I did notice is that I felt really “energized” whenever I was drinking it consistently. The best way to put it is that I had more pep in my step 😄 And call me a sucker but it’s just pretty… I’ve occasionally been known to judge a book by its cover! I love that they have different bottle sizes too, but really felt like the 1 LT size was perfect for my needs and kept me hydrated throughout the day.

My only issue is that I can’t buy it locally, saaaaad 😢 But I feel like it’s worth buying online. Be sure to check out their store locator if you ever are curious and don’t want to buy online.

Having said that, you are in luck! I’m doing a giveaway with Essence pH10 for a case of your very own to try out! See the deets below! (Yes I still say “deets” haha)

Essence pH10 Giveaway!

  1. Head to my Insta @teepadron and click the photo featuring Essence pH10 water (seen above)
  2. If you aren’t already following me, follow me and @essencewaterph10
  3. Tag a friend who might love Alkaline water!
  4. BONUS- re-gram my photo for an additional 2 entries (please tag me in photo)
  5. You must do 1-3 in order to be entered into the giveaway.

The giveaway will run 3/8/17  to 3/13/17. A winner will be chosen randomly on 3/13/17 and I’ll notify you when that happens! This contest is open to US residents only, if you win any other Essence pH10 giveaway please disclose this so we can choose a different winner.

Easy peasy 🌺

Good luck and see you over on my Insta for the giveaway!

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